Over 65 years of experience in baby nutrition

Generations of babies have grown up with Humana.

It all started when the German paediatrician Dr. Heinz Lemke developed the first adapted infant milk in Germany.


The hour of birth for our brand

Humana develops the first infant formula to match babies' needs as closely as possible.

The foundation of our brand was laid by Dr. Heinz Lemke, a paediatrician from Herford, Germany.


We are on our way!

Introducing the first banana milk cereal powder, our Humana Combana.

The first Humana Industrial site


A big step forwards for premature babies

We launch the first special-milk formula for premature babies.


Our revolutionary product launch

The introduction of the first powdered baby cereal banana, Humana Heilnahrung – a simple treatment for diarrhoea.


Our first plant-based formula

The launch of Humana SL – our special soya based formula: the nutrition for babies who cannot tolerate cow’s milk.


Experts for allergy prevention

Support for allergy-prone babies: Humana introduces the first complete hypo-allergenic (HA) product range in Germany.


Experts for the most vulnerable

Optimal nutrition for better catch-up growth: Humana 0-VLB for particularly small premature babies.


Help for babies with regurgitation problems

A special anti-reflux nutrition: Humana AR for babies with a higher tendency to regurgitate.


Experts for babies' digestive problems

The launch of Humana Anti Colic — the answer to baby digestive problems: less flatulence, colic and constipation.


Listen to moms and healthcare professionals

We carry out a global insight survey with more than 6,500 moms and 700 healthcare professionals to hear and better understand their key needs and expectations on baby nutrition and baby-food brands.


Smarter! Better! Safer use! The NEW myHumana

This pack makes preparing baby milk easier and more hygienic than ever. Developed by moms for moms as a result of a worldwide insight study where we spoke to moms about their wishes and needs for their ideal pack.


Home of innovation

With the opening of our new production site in northern Germany in a town called Strückhausen, our Humana brand finds a new home. Here, in our centre of excellence, our high-quality infant formulas are created and produced with the most mod


A new generation of infant milk formula

Based on the latest scientific insights from nature & science, Humana introduces a new generation of base milks: Humana ProBalanceTM with HMO (human milk oligosaccharides).