A baby's first year

Finally the time has come — your baby is here! This new family member will turn your everyday life upside down. In addition to the baby guide, you will also find further tips for parents and toddlers.

Baby playing i grass with sunshine

The first 365 days with your sunshine!

Your everyday life changes a lot in the first weeks and months. Your baby discovers the world afresh every day and develops while they do so. We accompany you through this exciting time.

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We are at your side with words and deeds.

As parents, of course you only want what's best for your child. But sometimes there are phases when your little sunshine doesn't feel so good. And at these times, we are

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Digestion problems in babies

Three-month colic, tummy aches and diarrhoea are not unusual — especially in the first few months.

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Allergies and intolerances

Allergies and intolerances are not uncommon in babies — especially if the parents have allergies.

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Burping and spitting up

Spitting up small amounts is usually harmless. You can often get this under control with simple tricks.

Charming stories for drifting off to sleep

Children love bedtime stories. They have a calming effect, making it easier to fall asleep and, in many families, belong to the nightly bedtime routine. Allow yourself time to end the day together with your little sunshine. Our short stories are the ideal companion into the land of dreams.

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We're here for you with our parenting advice hotline

If you have any questions about breastfeeding or infant and toddler nutrition, our experienced colleagues in parent consultation will be happy to help and advise you.

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