From moms and dads for you.

Since we are parents ourselves, we know how precious every single child is and, therefore, are aware of our great responsibility. We understand that being a parent is a natural, deep feeling that's both, demanding as well as satisfying - a purpose based on fundamental trust and commitment. Thanks to this understanding and decades of valuable experience in baby food production we are the right experts at your side.

Get to know the people behind Humana.

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Because the wellbeing of your baby is a matter of heart for us

Providing your child with age-appropriated products adapted to their specific needs by combining natural ingredients and meaningful research is what we strive for every day.

From the work on our farms through the processing of the ingredients in our factory in Strückhausen to ensuring our products’ high quality standards in our labs - we want to provide a balanced and healthy diet for your child to enable the best possible start in life

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Becoming a mom ourselves

We were all excited when our Humana colleague Maren (Global Product Manager) announced her first pregnancy. She was about to start the exciting journey of becoming a #firsttimemom. Now her son Leonas is 2 and she looks back with us on the day she learned she was pregnant.

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Watch Maren's video

As a father of 5, I know how important the right nutrition is for children. Producing baby food that is fully transparent and rich in nutrients is what drives me every day.

"Working at Humana feels like family - we can trust each other."

Hans Joachim Meinders

Meet the Humana
family members.

In order to produce baby food products that you can trust 100%, we at Humana must be able to count on one another. As a team, we can rely on each other fully — to meet our high quality standards, we push ourselves every day.

  • passionate teamwork by moms and dads
  • decades of experience in baby food production
  • thorough research to drive our products forward
Team Lead Operating Area

Jessica Zielinski

As team leader in the operating area, Jessica and her team are responsible for the first steps in our production process — always in accordance with the strictest guidelines.

head of quality management

Dr. Jörg Rethmeier

Jörg is responsible for quality management at Humana and has been working in this field for 15 years now. The production of baby food is subject to particularly strict quality guidelines, which Jörg checks in detail every day.

team leader packaging

Dimitri Zacher

Dimitri and his team make sure that our packaging is always in tune with our hygiene and safety standards and, additionally, meet the requirements of parents worldwide. Thanks to our innovative packaging facilities, we are able to implement forward-thinking packaging solutions — like our myHumanaPack.

We believe in
strong values.

It is important to us that moms and dads are able to have trust in our work and products. We build on decades of expertise, which always go hand in hand with well-selected ingredients. Our employees play a pivotal role and are the cornerstone of our products. That is why we are always looking for passionate experts who share our values.


Because children are
as important to us as they are to you.

The nutrition of a child significantly paves their way to a healthy, happy life. Our aim is to use thorough research, decades of experience, and selected ingredients that are as natural as possible

to produce products that support the natural development of every child in the best possible way. We are at your side as trustworthy experts.

'Since there are many people working in our team who are parents themselves, the work here is a matter close to our hearts. We only manufacture products that we would offer our own children at any time and without question.'

Dimitri Zacher, Packaging

'We at Humana have a common goal: to offer parents and their children trustworthy products. That is why we always work with the highest precision.'

Michael Westerhoff, Mixing

There are only so many farmers that can deliver to our standards. We are proud of them.

The Menke family

Meet our farmer Carolin, her husband Florian and son Flynn on their farm in Sahlenburg, Germany.

We believe in the
Unity of Nature & Science

To offer high quality nutrition that is sensitively matched to each specific age of your baby, we combine the best out of nature and scientific research. While supporting you and your baby with great products we are following three core values that determines our doing.