Life as a dad

Becoming a dad is one of the greatest experiences you can have in life. Undoubtedly, leading to a number of questions buzzing around your head.

It would be our privilege to accompany you during pregnancy and on through to everyday life as a little family.

dad on the couch with sleeping baby on lap

Being a dad means loving, caring and exploring together!

As a dad, you play a very important role in your family. It starts when your girlfriend or wife is pregnant and you support her with all your love, little surprises and lots of chocolate.

When the baby is there, you may also help with feeding, changing diapers and playing with your little one. You’ll definitely do a great job!

dad throwing his kid up in the air
dad playing with his kid
dad carrying his baby
dad holding his kid on lap

We at Humana want to give you the confidence to trust yourself in your father role. #confidentdads

Tips for newly dads

Charming stories
for drifting off to sleep

Children love bedtime stories. They have a calming effect, making it easier to fall asleep and, in many families, belong to the nightly bedtime routine. Allow yourself time to end the day together with your little sunshine. Our short stories are the ideal companion into the land of dreams.

Infant milk made in Strückhausen:
where safety meets sustainability

With the 2019 opening of the new Strückhausen production site, our Humana base milks found a new home. Here, in the middle of the natural environment with little more than grass, cows, farms and just few people, we are exactly where the milk is, and being this close to our main precious ingredient — milk — provides us the perfect conditions for our state-of-the-art baby food factory.

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