Educational activities for little heroes

Learning through play not only promotes creativity, it is also a whole lot of fun. The stimulation of motor skills and sensory organs simply occurs naturally along the way.

Humana Kleinkind als Malerin

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Development of young children
Humana - kleiner Junge als Klavierspieler

It's me who sets the tone here!

Your baby is, of course, turning into a toddler. But what exactly is happening inside their little head right now? Learn more about toddler development.

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dad playing with his kid

Arts and crafts for big and small

The myHumanaPack is perfectly suited to all sorts of upcycling. Discover exciting do-it-yourself projects for you and your little hero.

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Recipes for Family
girl kid in kitchen

Simple, delicious recipe ideas for the whole family

Does your little hero want more variety on their plate? Our recipe ideas appeal to the whole family and can be prepared in the blink of an eye.

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