DIY finger paints

Colourful finger paints stimulate curiosity and creativity. Your little hero can dive in right away without a paintbrush — and the best part of all: the paint is so easy to make yourself!

Humana Fingerfarben selber machen

What do I need for making finger paints?

To make colourful finger paints at home you only need a couple of common ingredients from your kitchen. You can whip them up quickly and they are environmentally friendly.


  • ½ cup corn starch or other fine flour
  • 1-2 tablespoons salt (to preserve it for longer)
  • Water

Natural colourings

  • Red: the juice of cooked red cabbage
  • Yellow: carrot juice
  • Blue: cherry or beetroot juice
  • Green: spinach (grind leaves in a mortar and pestle to press out the juice)

Alternatively, of course, you can use any other safe food colouring.


How do I mix the finger paints?

  • Mix flour (e.g. corn starch), salt and water until it is a thick liquid.
  • Dissolve lumps by stirring (or shaking in a jar or container).
  • Add juice (or food colouring) until you have achieved the desired colour.

Have fun!


Does your little hero prefer putting the paint in their mouth rather than on the paper? By adding an extra tablespoon of salt and a splash of grapefruit, your child will be able to focus better on actually painting.